Pdf password & restrictions remover software quickly removes master password from your pdf document for which you lost or forgot the actual owner password. It does not prompt for old password instead detects & delete password by itself. This powerful application support all versions of Acrobat pdf documents & each level of security removal including 40-bit, 128-bit & 256-bit RC4 and AES. Pdf restrictions removal tool is awesome desktop tool, provides easy to use and user friendly environment. Free download evaluation version of Axommsoft pdf restriction removal program to enable pdf permissions in testing mode. Test mode unlocks first few pages only of a pdf document. Using this graphical user interface application, user can decrypt the encryption of more than one pdf document in a single command. Features: 1. Pdf restrictions removal tool is GUI utility. 2. Tool support decryption of bulk pdf files in a single batch. 3. It is sufficient enough in removing user & owner both the passwords. 4. Pdf security remover unlocks 40 to 256 bit long encryption key. 5. Program runs successfully on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.