ID Card Manager is the easy to use application to create bulk ID cards in quick and efficiency. It is very time consuming job for the technicians to prepare thousands of ID cards and printing it. ID Card Manager helps the technicians to create the bulk ID cards in simple steps. Templates plays the important role in creating ID cards. Template is a plain layout of the corresponding ID card design. The required image and text fields can be marked on the layout. Once the template is ready, we never need to worry about the text and image alignments. If the text is too large than the marked area, the text font will automatically be reduced without collapsing the design and losing the data. Instant preview helps the technicians to verify the things on the flow. Very import feature of ID Card Manager is, CSV importing for creating bulk ID cards in few seconds. CSV is comma separated values file and which can be created and modified using MS Excel as well as Notepad. The set of ID Card data can be hold in a single csv file and it can be converted in to ID cards in very few seconds. After creating all the ID Card images, it is very hard for the technicians to print the cards. It is really very time consuming job for the technicians to align the created set of cards in print pages and printing it. ID Card Manager provides the option to print the thousands of bulk ID cards in few seconds with proper specified alignment. When compared to market, the tool is very effective and costs very low. Kindly contact for more details.