MySQL, the most popular relational database management system, can become corrupt due to various reasons. The corruption of MyISAM database may adversely affect record-keeping, database management and web services of the organization. So MySQL recovery is very important after events of corruption. As you need to recover data quickly and accurately, you need to use Kernel for MySQL Database for the recovery. It is a proficient tool to repair MyISAM database and to recover triggers, primary keys, views, tables, etc., without any change in the format and structure of the data. Moreover, it is very easy to perform MySQL Recovery using Kernel for MySQL Database as it is a user-friendly tool. After recovery, the data is displayed in a hierarchical tree-like structure for easy preview. The recovered data can be saved in a new database or in an existing database. Also, you can save the data in multiple versions of MySQL Server. A limited functionality version of Kernel for MySQL Database is available for free trial. But you cannot save data or copy script of the recovered objects using the trial version. It also have ?Test Connection? and ?Save Data into Existing Database? functionalities disabled. However, it allows users to have a good idea about the software before purchasing it. You need to have the full version to save the recovered data. For more details, please visit