Program MailHunter Lite (Web Harvester) searches and retrieves e-mail e-mail addresses on websites. Able to work with your target list of web addresses. This software is easy to use. It requires almost no configuration. All addresses are stored without duplicates! No reference to the country e-mail. Lately common constituent email addresses that are stored on the page parts, and only fully displayed on the screen. The program searches for all e-mail addresses e-mail! Also, with this program you can clear your file list of emails from the garbage and remove duplicate (non-Latin characters, space, spec. Symbols, etc.). Search the Internet: it is enough to specify the initial site and the program will scan the pages on the Internet. MailHunter can view different types of files found on the Internet pages: htm, html, phtml, shtml, htx, xml, php, php3, vb, js, css, asp, txt. In the scan settings for a site, you can specify the scanning depth and scan area (only within a given site or outside it too). Also found filtering emails by keyword (black and white lists). The program can work with a ready list of target URL addresses. You load it into the program and start the search for email addresses. You can specify search email only on listed pages, or search the entire site: Statistics show program addresses found in the current session of the program and the program or file in which was found HOST. In the settings you can specify the connection to the internet, select the language of the program. For clarity, all found addresses are displayed in the notification area.