Manual monitoring of network based file servers is a cumbersome process. LepideAuditor for file server has been specially designed to ease the task of administrator. It helps in monitoring all the activities or events on individual file server during specific period and also generates report on file server events based on different criteria. LepideAuditor for file server continuously watch on user activities on a network. It helps in monitoring changes made in folder structure, shared files, file properties and other data of various file servers. Moreover, the tool also provides alert messaging option to notify users who has made unnecessary changes in the file server information. It prevents unauthorized access of your valuable business data stored in different file servers. Lepide Auditor for file server also allow managers to devise new audit policy for the users based on different criteria such as file name, file type, drive, system process and events. It provides real time access of every file server event on a network and helps the system administrator to take corrective steps. Besides all these, the software has got excellent ability to operate smartly because of its enhanced CPU performance and GUI changes. What makes the tool more excellent file server change reporter is its ability to create and remove shared folders has been added in the reports console without facing any hassle. Moreover, the tool also facilitates its user to record and view events for file ?copy? or ?open? in reports. ?Delete? events from Windows 8 machines are now captured as well. In addition, while you select files in setting console, the wild card characters are also well supported in the ?File name? section. Besides all these, the software is even available in free trial version using which you could easily evaluate its efficiency. For more details: