File Server Change Reporting tool acts as a centralized tool that assists administrators in collecting events based on File Server users, drives, directories, files, processes, and collecting time and event lists. Just configure the Audit policies and gather all the necessary information for all the crucial changes made to File Server based on these audit policies. File Server Change Reporting tool generates real-time notifications for any critical events, helps in avoiding those events that may lead to organization?s compliance failure. Using the utility, users can customize reports on the basis of time span, event and directory, File Server name, file name, file type, process and events. The software generates comprehensive reports on daily monitoring, all changes, files, folders, permissions, and shared resources. Now, CPU performance has been enhanced, GUI features are more user friendly and a new report for creation and removal of shared folders has been added in the reports console. Additionally, default file types and processes are also included in the report console filters. Any user performing events like ?copy?, ?open? are now recorded and displayed in reports. ?Delete? events from Windows 8 machines are now captured with new feature and wild card characters are now supported in the ?File name? section during selecting files in the settings console. The generated reports can be further exported to PDF, DOC, CSV, HTML, and TXT file formats. Available free trial version of File Server Change Reporter lets users analyze the capabilities of the software before making an actual purchase. The software supports Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000; SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2012; and all versions of Windows operating system platforms. For more information about the software, visit