File server change auditor like LepideAuditor for File Server is one such ideal and sophisticated software that empowers you to discover any changes made in the File server without wasting time. In fact, you as an administrator can get notified about the occurrence of any activity by generating real-time alerts in the form of email notifications. But besides acting just as auditing tool, it has got the excellent ability to create reports based various parameters like File and Folder created, File and Folder creation failed, Failed Read attempts and successful modification. In fact, if any changes made then the tool provides the complete chronological details available about all the changes. Another great aspect about this file server change auditor is its ability to deal with enhanced CPU performance and GUI changes. In fact, it has got ability to create and at the same time remove shared folders that got added in the reports console. Default file types and processes have been included in the report console filters. While viewing reports you can very well preview events for file ?copy?, ?open? in reports. ?Delete? events from Windows 8 machines are now captured as well. Apart from this, the software is now also capable of supporting wild card characters in the ?File name? section while selecting files in the settings console. In addition, the software is also available in free trial version. The demo version is fully functional and works in an exact manner as licensed complete version. For more details: