HTML is preferable to PDF for website uploading. Free Convert PDF to HTML can convert PDF documents to HTML files, saving you time from using HTML editor to recompose the textual & graphical contents in PDF. You can add as many PDF files as you want into the file queue and start the batch conversion. It will perform the conversion in the speed of 500 pages/min without delay between each task. Every computer has a web browser. Although a PDF plugin in a browser enables you to read PDF, it slows down the browser. So by converting PDF to HTML files that can be directly opened by any browser like IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc. & uploading them, people globally can use search engine to look for your HTML webpages for reading. In the resulting HTML files, Free Convert PDF to HTML will keep everything you see in the original PDF files: the graphics, texual contents, tables, hyperlinks, etc. No matter how complicated your PDF files are, you will see no difference between the resulting files and source files. Using Free Convert PDF to HTML will not cost you money in anyway while it is providing incomparable quality of resulting files. It works like most of the expensive PDF converter that requires quite a lot money, or even better - we guarantee that not a bit of your data will be lost. Instead of converting every PDF page included, you are allowed to convert just the ones you need. You are free to choose whether to embed the images inside the source code of HTML files or not. You are also allowed to choose the image quality from 10 to 100 to make a proper tradeoff between size & quality. Free Convert PDF to HTML allows you to enter your own words as HTML title, like adding a sentence with keyword you want; or you can simply use the filename instead. Unlike many other PDF to HTML converters that generate poor HTML that can't be indexed & searched the way they should be, Free Convert PDF to HTML can produce resulting HTMl files that are friendly to search engine.