PDF combining software conveniently huge number of PDF documents having thousands of pages, then becomes very difficult to handle them. PDF merger tool helps you to easy management by merging several PDF files into single file, which is much easier to handle. PDF splitter software can split large PDF files into several tiny PDF files by pages, split by page range, split by ODD pages, split by EVEN pages etc. PDF split & merge tool developed for quicker and more efficient access to information needed from PDF files, reorganizing the files in a way that makes them easier to manage and handle. User can simply convert bulk PDF file into single or multiple PDF file by batch mode operation. You can easily organize the output pages by arrange page size, page range, odd pages, even pages or specific pages before run any application. Software provide multiple function to split, merge, add, join, cut, break, divide, combine, delete, extract, remove, eliminate, compare, append and concatenate PDF files. You can download this trail version of software from this link www.mergepdf.com and split merge file in very and effective manner. Software successfully runs all major operating system such as XP, Vista and 7. Features: * It is simple, quick, affordable and standalone software. * Software has multiple functions to join, cut, break, remove, extract and add PDF file. * PDF splitter tool split in specific page range from PDF. * PDF combiner allow join various file in single PDF file. * User can convert thousand of PDF file in single file on a single click. * User can set page size, page range, odd even pages. * Program extracts specific pages from PDF file. * User can set watermark and bookmark of all page or specific pages of PDF file. * Works with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS. * Compatible with all latest version of Windows operating system such as XP, Vista and 7.