This counter-strike has everything you need - logo packs , fnatic team configs , fnatic models , small .exe size ( 138 mb ) and it requires only 263 mb disk space , optimised for internet battles. Special features: [*] Added new Gui [*] 15000 servers from all over the world [*] Support for windows xp / vista / 7 / 8 . Yes it works fine with win 8 , make sure you start it "As administrator". HOW TO PLAY: find a shortcut "cs 1.6 fnatic" at your desktop, start it "as admin", then when game started select "recommended server" from main menu or "Find servers" to find a server in internet or create game and play with bots. To add a bot - type in the console bot_add , than wait a few seconds while bots learn the map. If you want support or download game with other design or see more servers from your country in search - feel free to send email to Also you find fnatic configs in commandmenu by pressing "H" button ingame. And the most important - this counter-strike protected from all known game crash exploits or advertisements: No auto .exe or .dll load No banners , gamemenu changes. Anti auto-connect No one can crash your game by known and unknown exploits , including newest way with DIRECTOR_CMD message Note: the command _restart has been disabled to avoid .exe / .dll auto-execution from game folders. If you want to change screen resolution just quit the game and start it again. Enjoy it!