Clear Temporary Files From C Drive software is fast and free application that helps you to remove all temp files from C drive on Windows OS running computers or Laptops. By using this program, you can delete all your C drive temporary files to increase your system performance greatly. Normally, windows laptop users delete their PC temp files by using fallowing method i.e. go to C Drive then select Users then click on Username and select AppData then Local folder and finally open Temp folder. Inside the Temp folder you can see many number of temp files and then delete all those temp files by using delete or shift + delete option. This is the normal way to delete temp files from Windows 7 computers and two more ways can be made by users to delete temp files. Apart from all these ways Clear Temporary Files From C Drive software is the more efficient to remove entire C drive temp files with in few mouse clicks. In addition, it can clean up browser history, cache files, cookies, Junk files and clean free space as well. Delete C Drive Temp Files utility is the fast way to clear temp files to maintain speed system performance. It has user-friendly graphical interface for easy usage. Free download URL is available here so, any interested user can download and run on your Windows OS computers (i.e. Window 2010, VISTA, XP, 7 and Windows 8 compatible). If you have, any doubts regarding Clear Temporary Files From C Drive software then go support page of our main site and contact with us through live chat or telephone at any time. We are always glad to help users.