Defrag PC Hard Drive Tool is the best suitable application to increase speed and performance of your Windows PC. It has powerful algorithm to analyse the fragmentation level and perform suitable defrag operation to speed up hard drive performance greatly. This defrag tool can boost your hard drive and increase your overall system performance. It has ability to increase the durability of HDD by decreasing the workload. This utility will improve and enhance performance of your PC up to 100%. This free tool helps you to defrag hard drives, partitions and even selected files. With the help of Defrag PC Hard Drive utility, you will be able to open and load any program including web browser and other applications faster. It can increases the chances of recovering deleted files by defrag operation. It provides defrag modes based on level of defrag i.e. Quick Defrag mode is flexible to increase and explore selected files and Deep Defrag mode is suitable to defrag entire hard drive at a time. Once defrag operation is over, simple analysis report will be generated, which will give complete details of fragmentation level decreased by this software. The PC Defrag Tool will increases the age of hard drive by reduce workload for its read / write operations. Defrag PC Hard Drive Tool has a simple interface and we are providing free trial version of Defrag PC Hard Drive software up to 14 days. To keep faster performance hard drives go for fully functional software. You may communicate with our technical support team regarding Defrag PC Hard Drive software support team through live chat at any time. We are always happy to communicate with the users.