Lepide Exchange Reporter is one such advance exchange server reports tool that facilitates you with an ideal solution to effectively monitor mailbox traffic and its content. In fact, the utility is very handy in the preparation of simple and easy-to-comprehend Exchange reports for all version of Exchange Server. The real benchmark of the software is that it prepares more than 80 reports in tabular or graphical form to assist you effectively managing the Exchange Server Environment. As a user, some of the main categories of Exchange Server reports prepared by the Lepide Exchange Reporter are General Reports, Email Flow Reports, Mailbox Folder Reports and OWA Reports. It is hard to ignore the significance of the software as one may easily prevent the security breaches and detecting the mistreatment of email communication system. The key feature of the software is its ability to serve the scanning and log files information collection process depending upon the set schedule. Moreover, with this exchange server reports tool, you could even export the generated reports in different formats such as (HTML, CSV, XLS, MHT, and RTF).Besides this, its interactive GUI makes it further a very user-friendly application. With this software, tracking, analyzing and reporting of multiple servers at a time gets lot easier. With this software, you can always optimize system design and configuration. Another good highlight of the software is its availability in trial version. The free trial version of the software can be downloaded and users can easily use it to evaluate it on their own. The trial version of the software offers complete features of the product but with certain limitations as well. In order to experience the features of the software without any limitation it is very important to buy the complete version. For more details: www.reports.exchangereporter.net