Are you vaping e-cigarettes and mixing your very own e-liquid bases? If so, EJLO is something for you! Image you?ve mixed up several different e-liquid bases. As time goes by you?ve consumed nearly all of them. Now you?ve got a little bit of ?velved cloud? e-liquid base, a little bit of your ?Traditionale? mix and so on. What would be the result when you combine all of those leftovers? eJuice LeftOvers has the answer! EJLO handles those chemicals: * PG (propylenglykol) * VG (vegetable Glycerin) * PEG400 (polyethylene glycol 400) * H2O (aqua purificata) In the first place EJLO is designed to help you calculating the base-values when you combine the leftovers of different e-liquid bases ? no need to waste your leftovers or mixing them together without knowing the resulting values.