Notes Local Security Remover Tool is an efficient way to remove all local security from the NSF file. Once the work is done, user can retract the security removal and make the file secure again. There is an ?Undo change? feature that allows user to cancel all changes applied to the file and get back the original status. The software is easy to use and its interactive graphic screens make the usage of tool, a child?s play. There is no specific technical skill required to use the software. Supporting every Lotus Notes version, the software is an excellent way to remove all local security from NSF files. Keeps the data integrity maintained even after the security removal. Notes Local Security Remover does not provide NSF password recovery facility. User must know the password in order to open the NSF file in all cases. The tool is also available in free version. The trial edition works well and lets user get accustomed to its features before purchase. User can remove security from unlimited NSF files that are of 5MB size. In order to remove security from files that are more than 5MB, you must purchase complete licensed edition of Kernel for Lotus Notes Security. To know more about the tool, please visit: