Are you finding it difficult to handle enormously large PDF files? Do you want to split PDF file in to many smaller ones so that they can be send or transferred more easily? Do it instantly using and excellent PDF splitting and merging tool, the Kernel for PDF Spit & Merge. It allows splitting the PDF file by Page, Page Range, Size (KB), or parity (Even page/ Odd page). It splits even encrypted or password protected PDF files (if the password is known). It allows the user to assign the page order while splitting the files. Also, the output files are named in the sequential order automatically. Owing to the interactive user-interface of Kernel for PDF Split & Merge, it is very easy to use this tool for splitting or merging PDF files. During the operation, the software treats the PDF file as a read-only one, and so its data is not altered in any way. Apart from splitting large PDF files, it can merge many PDF files in to one. It is a stand-alone utility, and it works even if the Adobe Acrobat or Reader is not installed. If you are interested, you can download its evaluation version free of charges to split PDF files on a trial basis. The trial version shows the Kernel for PDF Split and Merge Demo stamp on every page of the resulting PDF files. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you can purchase the full version after working on the trial version first. For more details, please visit