For administrators looking for a perfect solution for File Server auditing, try LepideAuditor for File Server. This File Server auditing tool facilitates tracking changes made to shares & permissions for all objects in the File Server within the network. Using this tool, entire File Server monitoring process gets much easier. Considering File Server crucial for containing sensitive business data and information, system administrators in an organization must keep track on various changes such as read, edit, share, create, rename, delete, move, etc. operations on files, folders, permissions, and on shared resources. File Server auditing could be performed using Native Auditing tools but they possess some drawbacks such as information presentation in a non-understandable form, scattered logs, limited or short-term storage of logs, etc. On performing Native File Server Auditing, an organization might have to face some unwanted issues like unauthorized access to sensitive business information, intentional or deceitful changes made in permissions, disastrous changes made in files, folders, shares or permissions; an organization may have to face heavy penalties due to security breach or compliance violation. It is included with advanced features like enhanced CPU performance and GUI changes. This tool is now added with a new report for creation and removal of shared folders along with default file types and processes added in report console filters. Reports contain events for file ?copy?; ?open? that have been recorded. ?Delete? events from Windows 8 machines are also captured easily and wild card characters are supported in the ?File name? section while selecting files in the settings console. This File Server auditing software offers benefits including meets compliances, long-term storage of logs, and real-time monitoring. For more details: