Granit can generate automatic installations (without the intervention of the user) and mobile (compatible with different versions of Windows and can be exported to a PC to another). It is possible to save, modify, create a script that will perform the automatic installation.The software handles the files/folders copy, overwrite, delete, move into the trash, launch... It also manages the disk images (eg ISO file) to using Daemon Tools Lite. We can mount/unmount files, add or remove virtual drives. It is also possible to use Granit to uninstall various software automatically with 2 click.Features : Creating silent installation via wizardSimulate mouse and windows detectionCapture event system simple and fastBackup scripts to be able to reopen/modify later Management disk images (via Daemon Tools Lite) : mount and umount disk image, create or delete virtual drive,...File manager (before, after and/or during installation) : copying files and/or folders (with the possibility of overwriting files), launch program, delete files and/or folders (delete or move to Trash)Using environment variables to scripts portableCustomize the script iconComplete integration into Windows explorerSystem software updateMultiple Uninstalling software