create without effort and programming skills their own pictures gallery for the Web . Images The gallery is automatically sorted by landscape and portrait format. All images are converted to aine designated size . The formats " GIF ", " PNG ", " JPG ", " BMP" support . All images are automatically adjusted to the screen size( The size can be set as a percentage of the screen size) . If exif data are available , the images are automatically rotated. For each image, a title and a description can be entered. image protection Protect yout images against image-theft and Deeplinking All functions are controlled. Many functions also ar available as random function. All images are divided into 9 portions and stored in a non-standard format for images . In each image , a watermark (copyright) is Intergrated , download the position and orientation is either for all images ( portrait and landscape format separately ) or adjustable separately for each image. All images are overlaid by a dursichtiges image , making it difficult to download them . When you open the image files on a PC is only a copyright displayed. When you press the button ( Print Screen ) is a warning about legal consequences the unauthorized retransmission displayed. The images can be sorted ascending/descending descending odwer name on/filtered by date . The header of each file has its own navigation or headline can additionally (own files needed) are displayed For each file, a footer ( footer) can be displayed (own files required).