Schedule Master tracks your work schedule by customer, job, task and crew / employee: The Schedule Master user interface allows quick and intuitive retrieval of: 1. What tasks are scheduled for today, this week, this month or any period. 2. Which employees are busy or not busy for any given period, or customer. 3. Customer jobs currently in progress, scheduled or completed. 4. Task assignments by employee. 5. Crew / employee assignments by task. 6. Related, interdependent tasks. Includes a backup and smart restore utility allowing synchronization of databases from multiple computers using Estimate Master. Works with Intuit QuickBooks as an integrated application allowing import and export of customers and jobs with a single mouse click. Includes an import utility wizard for importing jobs from Microsoft Excel and other applications. Network and multi-use capable. Uses standard dBase file formats (readable by Microsoft Excel and other programs). All reports can be exported to other file formats such as .TXT, .RTF, .XLS, .CVS, .HTM. Micro-context sensitive help. Print preview on all reports.