There are certain flaws in maintaining file servers due to which untrusted people gets unauthorized access to important files which leads to security breaches, compliance violation, deceitful modifications or alterations to files, etc. Lepide Auditor for file server is sophisticated and efficacious software that acts as a spy to keep a close watch on what changes are being made in the file server i.e. to audit file server changes within the network. Using this effective software, the compliance violation and security breaches can be prevented as a real-time alert is generated to notify about the unauthorized access. Also, the software performs auditing on the basis of variables such as File name, monitoring time, file type, file server name, process, events, drive, directory, etc. The graphical user interface of the software is easy to use and user friendly. The software automates the generation and delivery of reports via email and also allows exporting them in .DOC, .TXT, HTML and .PDF file format. Use the free trial version of the software before purchasing the full licensed version. For details: