MovieRescuer is the best and free tool that can help you save all Blu-ray and DVD discs from being damaged. It helps backup HD and SD main movies from Blu-ray and DVD discs in M2TS or VOB format in at most 3 steps keeping exactly the original quality. And the multiple subtitle and audio tracks can also be kept in the digital formats. Blu-ray and DVD discs are easy-broken and it's really frustrating when you found your discs useless because of crashed or scratched. So it's quite necessary to backup the movies on the disc in digital format. And in that case, no matter the discs are broken or what, you have the digital version with original quality on your hard drive or home server. And while watching the movies, you needn't go forth and forward to change discs. Key features: 1. Fast, easy, and practical; 2. Backup main movie with exactly the same quality; 3. Keep multi subtitles and audio tracks; 4. Save movie in M2TS or VOB format without useless files and folders. 5. Pause and resume running task; 6. Shut down computer when the task is done.