Need to send a customised SMS message to a list of people?, something like "Hi John, did you know there is a 10% discount today at Bloggs Superstore?". We've created a SMS-Mail-Merge app, that can do this for you. A bulk SMS account is required from Freebie SMS Download it from The first screen is where you enter your username and password, if you don't have one, then go to create a new bulk SMS account at FreebieSMS. Press Login to continue. The next step is to import a CSV file. This can be created from any spread-sheet package such as excel or open office calc. A CSV file is simply a text file such as; 00447866069533,John Rogers,15 Main St, London SW1 00447866069599,Bob Rogers,15 Main St, London SW1 After you press "Import" you move to the next screen. This screen is where you select the meaning of each of the columns in the CSV file, on the left is a sample value from the CSV, and on the right is a drop down selection of common fields, such as name, address etc. One of these columns must be a mobile phone number in international format. You then press Next to progress to the next step. On the message screen, you enter in the message to be sent via SMS, for any dynamic text, you can select from the drop down list (i.e. #First_Name#) and then press insert. When the SMS is sent, then this will be replaced by the corresponding value in the CSV. You should also select the sender number here, so people can reply to your SMS messages. Pressing next brings you onto the sender screen. Pressing start will begin the process of sending SMS messages. Reports of what has been sent to whom, along with any errors will be reported in the box below, and a progress bar will report overall progress. For those interested, the full source code of this application is available for download.