Lepide Active Directory Self Service provides users with a great choice to make changes within their organizational account without raising helpdesk tickets or wait for admin help. This Ad password reset self service software allows users to basically make three kind of changes. They can update their account details, reset account password and unlock their accounts. They can additionally authorize co-workers to perform these actions for them. This ensures that there are no more account related tickets and no more waiting periods for employees who loose precious business hours due to account related issues. Administrators can ensure rightful activities by setting update policies, applying security questions and automatically schedule account unlock and password reset policies. Reports for every change in AD are generated and admin can verify them for being updated with all changes made within the network. LADSS provides SSL support allowing changes to be done within a secure environment. With all these features, the software ensures better productivity by saving time, cost, and resources and overall increases ROI. For more details: www.selfservicepasswordreset.org