Wary of unauthorized accesses, deceitful activities, undesired changes in permissions and security threats, network administrators are keen to put their file servers under constant surveillance and monitoring. Such a surveillance and monitoring, according to the requirements of the organization, can easily be conducted with the help of LepideAuditor for File Server, an advanced Windows file server auditing tool. In a network of file servers where hundreds of users are in continuous activities, it is difficult to find who did what and when. It is not easy for an administrator to find such information unless he automates the Windows file server auditing activity. That is why organizations are using LepideAuditor for File Server for the auditing their file servers. Its advanced features enable you perform centralized auditing and real-time monitoring of network computers. By generating comprehensive reports on file server changes, permission changes etc., it helps administrators in getting a quick information on all file server events. Another feature of this tool is the customization of audit through audit policies. In addition, one can schedule the periodic generation of reports. It also can be configured to generate instant alerts in case of critical file server events. You can download its limited functionality freeware edition for lifetime usage. Alternately, they can download the trial version of its fully functional enterprise edition for 15-day usage. They can purchase the enterprise edition after the period of 15 days. For more details, please visit www.windowsfileserverauditing.com