The infrastructure of modern day organizations consists of hundreds or thousands of network computers for the use of its employees. Sometimes many users may share the same system at different times. When employees work on these computers, they may create, access edit, modify, share, rename, move or delete files as the part of their work. However, it is expected that no such activity, intentional or accidental, is harmful for the organization. It is practically impossible for a higher authority to keep an eye on all these activities on a day-to-day basis. So if any unwanted or undesired event happens, it comes to notice only after the appearance of its adverse effects. Sometimes remedial actions can initiated only after the happening of maximum damage. All these situations can be avoided if you take some precaution. What all you need to do is to have LepideAuditor for File Server in your organization. It provides a centralized platform to audit file accesses and activities. With its features for customized auditing, scheduled report generation and instant alerts, it perform file server auditing in a very comprehensive way. Before purchasing this tool, you are advised to download the free version of the enterprise edition of the LepideAuditor for File Server. It helps to audit file accesses for a limited period of 15 days. For more details on file access auditing, please visit