A Windows data recovery application program is very much in need when you are facing a data loss situation. There are several faults that succumb a file, such as accidental deletion, logical drive fault, bad sectors, virus intrusions, hard disk corruption, and many more. Thus, this application profoundly helps a user in combating back all the files from the OS and further restoring it to the located path. The application is expertly developed with impressive features and comprises various latest updated techniques, which effortlessly performs the task without any hesitation. The working and function of this application is very effective. Just download the software on the PC and install it further for the best use. Significantly, run the program by selecting the files you want to fetch back. Interestingly, the same is performed without any error. Features The tool is risk-free It is cost-effective Partitions are recovered OS is salvaged Logical drive restoration Bad sector management The Quick Recovery software for Windows data recovery possesses all the above features and helps a user in rescuing the files back. The application is worthy enough to foster recovery of data. A demo of the same is also available for the users, which helps them in understanding the application program. But, the demo file does not restore the files back after recovery. Purchase the tool and proffer utility.