Piet Mondrian Composer is a creative game inspired by principles of composition of the renowned Holland painter Pit Mondrian. This is a simple software that enables each user to create his own graphic compositions similar to those of Mondrian. Desktop application PIET MONDRIAN COMPOSER enables you to create amazing pictures using techniques of composing vertically and horizontally placed elements. It is possible to create either life-like reproductions of this artisan's work or your own compositions, print them in color, even in large formats and create jpg bitmaps of your work. This creative game enables anyone to use art for relaxing, showing his or her own originality, uniqueness and creativity, or learn something new. The game was thought-out as a practical tool for users, used for popularization of art and for users educational purposes. Transformation of methods into modern environment with the goal to bring art closer to digital generations. Game offers information on the principles of composition, life, and creative works of Pit Mondrian, the father of modern art Piet Mondrian Composer presents all those familiar with art an excellent tool for practicing composition of graphic elements.