A package of games including: Minesweeper, Sokoban, Sudoku, Boggle, Kakuro, Futoshiki, Codeword, Sumpuzzle. Minesweeper can be solved without guessing and has a two stage hint system. Boggle and Futoshiki have colour coded hints. Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki have hint algorithms including hidden pair, hidden single, hidden triple, locked candidate, naked pair, naked quads, naked triple, x-wing. Sokoban has animated solutions for 600 puzzles. The programs have thousands of built-in puzzles and can read extra puzzles from files. Each program has a help page. The download includes all 8 programs and a launcher program, plus an identifying icon for each individual program. The programs are independent files and can be used via the launcher or separately by clicking on their own identifying icons. Comprehensive descriptions, screenshots and examples are available from the package web site. The programs are written in Python and the source code is included in the download.