Bautagebuch 2014 is a program to create and manage construction logs. You are able to create plenty construction project logs. Each of them is able to contain plenty of reports (for every day for instance). This software is a valuable facility at everyday work with articulated structure, easy handling and simple customization. Further there are additional functions such as records of site consultation meetings and lists of deficiencies. Following information are stored in Bautagebuch 2014: data of construction project, client and supervisor, weather details, inspection participants, attendees, daily output, state of construction, acceptances, discrepancies, deficiencies, instructions, schemes, construction materials. new in version 2014 - actual app for iPhone/iPod - actual function to synchronize with iPhone/iPod - actual function to synchronize with other personal computers - new folder structure in project management - drag and drop function in project management - possibility to change picture positioning in templates - automatically calculation of minimal and maximal temperature - possibility to paste picture into every category - scaling of inserted pictures - new module to manage construction project logs - sending emails with list of deficiencies as PDF-file - sending emails with construction report as PDF-file - new module ?Hilfe & Support? (help and support) - new function to set text format in categories state and miscellaneous (Rich Edit) - new layout of card ?Allgemein? (General)