SiGe-Manager 2016 is a software to health and safety coordination on construction sites. It supports you to generate graphical and tabular health and safety schemes and contains all important health and safety coordination functions. The editable hazard catalogue of construction buildings and civil engineering contains all trades and belonging hazards, solutions, guidelines and regulations. Hazard catalogue was entirely revised for SiGe-Manager 2016 and it is more effective. With a single mouse click you are able to adopt hazards into health and safety schemes. Common used health and safety devices will be generated according health and safety scheme and adopted into this scheme. Further program contains numerous additional functions such as templates, legislations, check lists of construction site inspection and a module to automatically generate construction zone ordinance. Features and characteristics - ready for Windows 10 - preannouncement - documentation for the later operations - hazard catalogue for building constructions and civil engineering - common used health and security devices - blue portfolio - yellow portfolio - templates for (snagging-list, site inspection) - check lists - image database - integrated text processor with mail merge function - extendable address database - addresses of departments and authorities - notebook function - aggregated processes - holidays for Austria, Switzerland and Germany - configurations assistant - milestones - legend editor - hourly pay slip - system analysis - user management - import and export function - automated backup - company extract - health and safety scheme PDF-export - health and safety scheme into text format - automated update search - construction period including slack time - comprehensive printing function - report generator - emailing schemes as PDF-file - comprehensive database of hospitals in Germany - floating license for network version