Two-player game in which you have to fight for the expensive resource known as Corom. With it, virtually anything can be created, such as buildings, weapons and soldiers. To win, be the first to destroy the main enemy's Corom flower. Features: - Build the city, carrying the main Corom flower. - Corom can be four types: red, green, blue and yellow, with red being the rarest. - The less Corom mapped, the more difficult the game! - Protect the base on one side and attack the enemy on the other! - It's possible to play together on one computer. - Several different planets locations. Controls: Player 1: A / D - movement. W - take Corom / select the building from the main tree. S - place Corom. Space - jump. Player 2: Right and left arrows - movement. Arrow - take Corom / select the building from the main tree. Down Arrow - place Corom. Enter - jump. Tips: There is a flower and a hero, and you need to grow green Corom to flowering. The entire game revolves around Coroms for the construction or buildings and the creation of troops which will lead you to victory!