The external hard disk recovery software is the one of the most efficient tool available in the market. This software can recover of deleted data from external hard disk and other sources or data lost from the hard disk. With this software one can restore audio, video and photo files. It can also restore the data from the formatted external hard drive. It can recover and identify many kinds of file formats with the help of their signature. It can easily retrieve the files on the basis of file size, extension, date and file name through its intuitive and easy-to-use mechanism. It also restores the wide variety of the file formats spanning more than 300 file formats. If you are the one who has lost the data on account of the data loss scenarios then you can get your lost data through this software. It offers many advantages like uniqueness, quick search results, ability to support different file formats and robustness as well. The software is designed with the engineers who are in R&D for many years and that result in recovery of data. It uses strong algorithm to find out the lost files from external hard disk and other sources too. It offers preview of the lost file in the fashion of Window explorer ,so that any file can be restored easily. It also recovers the files of specified formats like size, name and extension that are being specified by the user.