An all-in-one video file converter, video splitter, video joiner and even media player capable of converting any type of video into hundreds of different formats. Convert avi to mp4. Convert mp4 to avi. Convert flv to avi. Convert avi to wmv. This video file converter supports the following formats: MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MOV, Blackberry (wide screen and full screen formats), Wav, RB Toshiba Gigabeat, RB iRiver, MPEG 4 Audio & Video, 3GPP H.263, Nokia N810, Neuros HQ, Nokia NXX Full screen & Wide screen, Palm Full screen & Wide screen, RB Apple Ipod, RB Cowon, XVID Wide screen, Full screen & Anamorphic, Zen Full screen & Wide screen, AC3 DVD, Google Android, Blackberry Video, CDMA, MS Compatible AVI, RAW DV, RB Sandisk, Flash Video, Google WebM, iPhone Wide screen, Ipod, LG, MP3, Ipod Nano, NTSC DVD, OGG, PAL DVD, PAL VCD, PS3 720P, Quicktime Movie, XVID Walkman, WMA, WMV2, Xbox 360, Zune, Powerpoint, and PSP. In addition, with custom settings you have total control over all settings giving this the possibility of supporting hundreds of formats. Seekways Ultimate Video Splitter lets you split, chop and shape video in minutes. Cut out unwanted parts of video for use in your productions, youtube videos and personal dvd?s etc. Seekways Ultimate Video Joiner will let you join any amount of video files together to make a compilation. Seekways Ultimate Video Studio features a media player that is the ideal solution for the budding video enthusiast. When you have finished splitting or joining your videos you will then need to test them out. This media player which is built into our main program saves you time having to load in other players and will let you get your projects finished quickly and easily.