1. The latest MFNR technology Multiple Frame NR technology is a new and sophisticated noise reduction technology. So far, it has only been available on a few newly released digital cameras. The amazing results have won admiration from many professional photographers. Based on MFNR technology, Low Light NR acquires more details from a sequence of images and applies them to a single selected picture. It intelligently recovers details from random noise, fixed pattern noise and banding noise - Zero Ghosting guaranteed. 2. Set yourself free from camera limitations With ArcSoft Low Light NR, you don't have to spend money on upgrading to a new camera; Low Light NR removes image noise accurately and efficiently from images taken by any camera, ranging from mobile phone cameras to high-end DSLR cameras. Leave the heavy tripods at home and travel light. Take your photos with the ISO and shutter speed you desire under burst mode. ArcSoft Low Light NR will bring you unexpectedly great results during post-production. 3. Smart grouping, one-click noise reduction "Auto group" helps you pick the most suitable images for noise reduction taken in burst mode. The noise reduction coordinates with sharpening algorithms so that edges retain sharpness while more details are recovered. One click to reduce noise for images taken in low light conditions such as indoor and backlight situations and create unexpectedly great results in seconds. 4. Advanced editing tools and sharing Adjustable noise level to put you in control. White balance, saturation, contrast, tone and more settings can be easily adjusted. Crop and straighten photos, then share them on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.