Finance Manager is a basic, easy to use program to keep track of your bank accounts, income and expenses. It helps you manage your bills and automatic payments, and it also includes a budget to help you watch your spending in each category. Finance Manager is designed to be easy to use. It combines the basic features needed by the average home user and it doesn't overwhelm you with features that you'll seldom use. Keep records for all your checking, savings and credit card accounts, as well as cash expenditures. Store your recurring bills and expenses so you can see what is coming due and when. Budget categories are updated automatically when account entries are made. You always know how much you have spent and how much is remaining in each category for the month. Here are a few of the features of Finance Manager: - Stores and unlimited number of Checking, Savings and Credit Card accounts. - Stores all your recurring bills. When you pay a bill an entry is automatically made in the account the bill was paid from. When paying a credit card bill a payment entry is also made in the credit card account. - Automatically adds entries for your income source on payday. Can also add entries automatically for recurring bills. - Projects end of month account balances based on scheduled income and expenses. - The Frequently Used Payee feature stores common entries so you can enter them quickly. Simply select the desired entry and pre-entered information such as the amount, category and memo are entered automatically. - The integrated budgeting tools will track all spending for each category and calculate the amount spent for the month as well as the amount remaining, the current overflow, unpaid bills scheduled for the month and the projected overflow next month. - Graphs and Summaries help you see where your money in going at a glance.