MB Astrological Geomancy associates the Geomantic Figures with the Western Astrology Natal Chart. This program calculates the position of the different planets in your chart based on geomancy. The geomantic astrology analysis delivered by this free geomancy astrology tool lets you know the lucky day, qualities, sun sign and also the ruling planet associated with your astrological geomantic profile. All you have to do is to download MB Astrological Geomancy that you can get for free. This chart will help you know the type of influences that the planets have on you, taking into account their values and attributes in geomantic astrology or astrological geomancy. Geomantic divinations with free geomantic figures have proved to be effective in predicting the future situations that you may experience. Astrological geomancy interpretations can give you a deeper insight into your future so that you can prepare yourself aptly to make the most out of challenging situations.