Slick3D is the revolutionary 3-D XAML Library for Silverlight 5.0 for rapid development of 3-D visualization and manipulation software running in most popular browsers and in out of browser mode on Windows and Mac platforms. XAML interface similar to the WPF 3D API: - Perspective, Orthographic, and Matrix cameras - Meshes, Geometries, Models, and Composite Models - Diffuse, Gradient, Specular, Textured, and Composite Materials - Ambient, Directional, Point, and Spot Lights - Scale, Translation, Axis-Angle & Quaternion Rotation, Matrix, and Composite Transforms - Linear & Key Frame Animations of most Model, Camera, Light, and Transform properties Relative to the basic WPF features, Slick3D adds: - True 3-D rendering via any HDMI connected full HD display panel (including consumer-grade 3D TVs) with side-by-side 3D decoding (3-D glasses might be required for full 3-D visualization) - Pre-built meshes: Cube, Box, Cylinder, Tube, Sphere, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Torus, 2-D Plate, Teapot, Tiger 3-D rendering optimization: - Slick3D leverages the hardware-accelerated 3-D rendering mode using XNA in Silverlight 5.0 for a very responsive and accurate rendering experience - If hardware accelerated 3D rendering is not available (or not enabled) on the client, Slick3D falls back to software-only rendering, which is fast enough for most low complexity models and scenes on most modern client hardware platforms - To maximize the rendering speed to the maximum extent possible when in software-only rendering mode, Slick3D switches to a highly optimized parallel rendering algorithm if multiple CPU cores are detected on the client platform