"What If...?" provides a user-friendly format for quickly and thoroughly analyzing the process hazards that you deal with every day. In just a few keystrokes, "What If...?" provides you with a galaxy of questions that can be ranked according to risk and frequency. You can use the template question sets as they are, modify them, or build a new question set unique to your situation. Then, with a keystroke, generate reports. "What If...?" provides you with a thorough, orderly, and systematic approach for identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards for many of our clients. The What-If/Checklist technique is a means of methodically reviewing a process to identify potentially hazardous events or operability problems that could occur. The technique is conducted by posing a series of What-If questions, each representing a potential deviation from process design, maintenance/ inspection or operating practices. The technique is based on the premise that a hazard does not occur if the process does not deviate from the design intent. The software contains a risk assignment matrix so that each "What If...?" question can be "graded" or "ranked" with the appropriate degree of acceptable risk. "What If...?" provides the user with two distinct question sets. These question sets address the common questions encountered during a PHA for typical industries. The template sets allow you to "hit the ground running" without having to generate your questions from scratch. The software also allows you to make use of PHAs from other areas of your plant. You can easily copy the questions and responses from a previous session. This "copy question" feature allows you to drastically reduce the time required to complete the PHA.