Daminion is a low-cost, server based photo management system for small teams and creative professionals. Multiple users can view, annotate, and edit your digital assets quickly and without risk of losing information; your digital library will be protected from irreparable damage, which is not the case when using a file-server based solution. Daminion benefits are: - Affordable price for small teams - None of the endless monthly fees demanded by hosted solutions. You pay once. - No need to hire a system administrator, and no specialist knowledge necessary to install and administer the Server. - Much more secure than web-solutions all your content remains inside your firewall - Restricted access to content by User Roles - Ability to work with huge size media archives (up to 500K-1M files per catalog) - Version Control (Check in/out). Avoid work being redone because you've lost your original versions! - Powered by free, reliable and widely adopted PostgreSQL database engine - Import more than 100 formats including - Super simple and clean interface - Focused on cataloguing (no built-in fancy image editors and publishing tools) with excellent bridge to external photo editors like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. - Quickly classify and filter your content by tags using AND, OR operations - Supports complex hierarchical tags (keywords, locations, etc.) with no limitation on nesting levels. - Using hierarchical tags you can describe your content more precisely and as result spend far less time locating your important files - Automatically sync image annotations (tags) with metadata (IPTC/XMP/MWG) - Daminion can even write metadata into Camera RAW formats, including CR2, NEF, DNG, ARW, MRW, PEF, without creating xmp sidecar files - Unlike other content organizational tools, Daminion will correctly write/read hierarchical keywords from/to IPTC/XMP. So your hierarchical structure will not lose data when you export or move your files.