Secure & limit online time of your Kids: Parents not too familiar with computers can control their kids online activity by using the unique CASecureNet Internet filtering software. Without the CASecureNet running in PC Kids cannot access the internet. Leave your kids away from Violence, Porno or Unsuitable websites and Keep your computer away from malicious Downloads. CASecureNet will restrict internet access apart from restricting Instant messaging websites, unauthorized installation of software, helps in scheduling and monitoring of online activity. Features: 1. No CASecureNet, No Internet 2. Schedule, Monitor and limit online browsing time 3. Restrict Instant message websites 4. Prohibit unauthorized installation of malicious online software 5. User Profile management 6. Password authentication required to change settings and un-install software 7. Easy to Setup Content filter CASecureNet is Designed for 1. Parents with Kids in K-12 2. Educational Institutions 3. Internet Café?s 4. Small and Home Office