The solution for IT supporters wanting to generate an income with online support. Access customer PCs via the internet and solve problems as if were right there. Use your time and your coworkers' time more effectively than for commuting. With functions such as Recording, Logging, Inquiry of system information and much more, simplify your support and extend number of services you offer. On top: The new Remote Comfort functions offer even more usability. When activated, you can provide "customer-free" support - including remote User Account Changes, restarts and UAC remote control during a session. Due to the configurable Quick Launch toolbar, just a single click will give you the right view of your customer's PC. With the integrated pcvisit SupportJournal, you can provide account and achievement reports which create the basis of a profitable business model. All procedures in a pcvisit support meeting have been optimised. A session can be established quickly and is safe, simple and intuitive. And your customer does not have to buy anything, install anything or have any special knowledge. Online support can be this simple and profitable. Overview of the most important functions: Showing, seeing and remote controlling functions 2 to 3 session partcipants NEW: Remote Comfort functions for uninterrupted support, even with reboots, through reconnection mechanisms NEW: Transfer and remote control of Vista/Windows 7 UAC dialogues also on limited accounts (assumes knowledge of administrator password) NEW: Quick Launch toolbar: with one click, access important customer programs NEW: mySupporter picture for recognition and branding purposes Taxameter to balance the account of your support services pcvisit SupportJournal for a professional billing system of support services Expert mode allows you to add an additional specialist Automatic Flash recording to document your support meetings (deactivatable) Invitation function via session link