Large organizations with thousands of employees are usually more prone to corruption as anyone can alter the file information or delete it. And it is a difficult task to keep an eye on such large number of people and track the changes that are being made in Active Directory. For this purpose, you need an effective tool like Lepide Auditor for Active Directory (LAAD) which Audit Active Directory and perform centralized management of all the changes that are made in the Active Directory. Centralized management of all changes made in the Active Directory helps user to track and check the changes effectively. With the help of this software, admin instantly gets notified of Who changed What, When and Where. All changes are stored in a repository. It allows admin to take regular backup and snapshots of the data. Moreover, in case of severe changes, admin can roll back all changes and bring back the system into its old state. For example, the changes like modification or deletion are shown in different colors so that they can be easily identified. The software allows adding and tracking of all Domains in the network at once. These steps keep computer system safe from theft and data loss issues. Creating backups for long term archiving supports forensic analysis. For more details: