Usually, the system-administrators find the task of performing native auditing very complex as they already have too much work to perform. In such case, administrators should try a proficient tool like Lepide Auditor for Active Directory (LAAD) that performs Active Directory Auditing and has been designed to keep track of Who, What, When and Where information for all changes made within the active directory. Using this software the administrator can feel at ease since Lepide Auditor for Active Directory tool simplifies the complex task of AD auditing. It enables normal users to roll back unwanted changes before they could cause any harm i.e. if the data is deleted or modified then it is marked in a different color so that it can be easily identified. To ensure better log management and long term archiving, the software maintains a central repository of all the changes done in all domains. Also, it allows user to directly add Domains to the tool instead of adding individual domain controllers. This tool gives you complete control as Administrator over auditing of active directory when desired. It supports various network compliance and standards like SOX, HIPPA, PCI, ITIL etc. For more details: