RetroUI Pro brings revolutionary technologies to Windows 8, enabling it to be used efficiently on every type of PC. Included with RetroUI Pro is new patent-pending technology called RetroUI Enforce. Enforce brings back the Windows taskbar and Start button when the Windows 8 Start screen (Metro) is active. Windows Store (Metro) apps are now windowed so you can resize them and reposition them around the desktop. RetroUI Pro also replaces the missing Start menu with a customizable start menu that integrates the Modern UI (Metro) features so you don't have to search for the charms bar or hidden corners anymore. You can also skip the Metro Start screen on login and block Metro features, if needed. These features dramatically improve the user experience and virtually eliminate the learning curve for anyone new to Windows 8. RetroUI Pro - Core Features at a Glance: - Brings back the start menu with a modern look and feel - Takes charge of Metro to bring back the taskbar and new RetroUI start menu - Forces Windows Store (Metro) apps to run in resizable and movable windows - Skip Metro and return to the classic desktop at login - Pin classic apps, default Windows Store apps, websites, and more to your Favorites - TabletView allows you to organize and access your pinned favorites