Better Thumbnail Browser is a thumbnail viewing and loading control for .NET Windows Forms. View and automatically display thumbnails of images, graphic files, documents, video files etc. * Compatible with: Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005. * Compatible with .NET 4.5, .NET 4, .NET 3.5, .NET 3, .NET 2, and newer. * Native look and feel, always uses the current system theme (including Aero support) * Easy to use and well-documented. * Written in pure managed C# code. Fast and light-weight. * No dependencies. * Easy royalty-free XCOPY deployment. Single DLL file that has just 250kB~ when compressed. Viewing and loading image thumbnails is a sophisticated task, so this control is designed to do these things for you: - Scan folder on disk and load images. - Load images from any source you want (e.g. database) with minimum coding needed. - Load thumbnails on background and perform all the thread operations and thread synchronization for you. - Resize images with high-quality image resampling. - Allows loading the thumbnails in view first, then all other thumbnails in the predefined order - Supports starting, stopping and restarting the loading on demand. - Smooth thumbnail zooming on the fly. Better Thumbnail Browser is feature-packed and supports many advanced features that no other thumbnail control can offer (for example: Multi-column sorting, Multi-line text, Groups, Three-state check boxes and many more). The biggest advantage of Better Thumbnail Browser is that saves you valuable development time. For many projects where GUI is important, Better Thumbnail Browser can very significantly reduce the development time, up to by about 50%, because the complex logic of loading, displaying and viewing the thumbnails is done automatically for you. Furthermore, you will save time thanks to many inbuilt features that work out of the box, such as sorting or item reordering. Comes with many complete samples. Source code licenses available.