OS X undelete software is used to undelete files/folders of different format on OS X. Most of the users using OS X for Mac but losses the data in the particular Mac OS. Data losses make the user confronted with problem. Rarely the user come to know the reason of loss and sometimes it is not that easy to know. Lastly there is loss of data but can be recovered. Very often there is loss of data and in that case user just move forward leaving the data after loss. You have to be precautious if you do not want to lose your data. Some steps of precautions can keep your data safe, and this is not only on OS x but in other OS also. Apart you can keep strong updated backups and restoring points as well to retain the data regularity after complete loss. At the end when you have completely lost your data then you have to use the recovery software. Let see what could be done and what has to be avoided. 1. Insertion of pen drive or other storage means in the system must be avoided to prevent virus attack. 2. Formatting/reformatting must be accomplished only when enriched with backups. 3. Before attempting for emptying Trash action you should be carefully. 4. Trash must be kept empty to avoid skipping of files. 5. Application and system must not be done rapidly. In the end, if there is data loss or all the data from your OS X is deleted then don?t worry, still you have an option. You can accomplish recovery for this you need to use undelete OS X software. Undelete OS X software is designed in such a way and with such an algorithms which can undelete OS X.