The New Year Bustle is a beautiful new year platformer. Father Frost's work appears easy, but that's far from true. He carries gifts to children, to builds snowmen, dressed up fir trees, etc. And the work is dangerous, with biting dogs and falling icicles. In this game help Father Frost deal with all of this. There are 10 levels (cities) to carry gifts to, and drop down chimneys. Kind children get good gifts, and to bad children get bricks. When the protagonist is on roofs of the house, circles designate how many children are in the house. If the circle is green, the child is kind child and receives gift. Red, the kid gets a brick! Get it right and earn points, make a mistake and lose points. Father Frost needs to fear dogs and children (as he's changed clothes into Santa Claus), which steal gifts. If you get too close to a dog it will begin to bark and will bite you. If the dog begins a bark and a child is nearby, the child will come running to where the dog has begun to bark. If the Grandfather sees, Frost will lose 3 gifts, and points will be subtracted. But if the dog sleeps, it is possible to sneak by. Hide in bushes and garbage cans to hide from dogs and children. A lantern helps Father Frost see a larger area. The purpose of the game is to get the highest score possible.