Earlyon CafeCentra is the leading time-tested Internet and Cyber Cafe Billing and Management software solution offering cyber and internet cafeoperators the security, reliability and performance necessary to operate a successful Cyber Cafe business. Key software features include: * 100% Hacker Proof Client Security * Automated Cyber Cafe Income Reports Mailing * Superior Print Job Monitoring and Management * Websites and Web Downloads Restriction * Configurable and Interactive Internet Access Gateway/DNS Monitoring * Very Accurate and Comprehensive Cyber Cafe Reports * Automatic Locking of System Date and Time * Monitor or Prevent Printing from Computers not running CafeCentra Clients * Remote Windows Management * Automated Bulk User Account Creation * Multiple Client and Server Administrator Accounts * Auto-Refill, Restricted and Time Bound User Accounts * Prevent CafeCentra Client Uninstall Earlyon CafeCentra takes the stress, losses and headaches out of Internet/Cyber Cafe Management with superb features many people only dream about. Earlyon CafeCentra is gradually becoming the gold standard in Internet Cyber Cafe Billing and Management. It is secure, reliable and comprehensive. You can download a fully-functional free evaluation copy from the website at www.cafecentra.com and also read more about the numerous features of the software copy!