Do you run an online store that uses PayPal to process payments? Then you have come to the right place. We have the PayPal Button Creator in several different editions. With it you can quickly make buttons for your website quickly and easily. And since everything is on your computer you can quickly edit the information you put in and it remains secure and reachable even if your internet goes down. PayPal Button Creator Professional XHTML Edition allows you to make advanced XHTML PayPal Buttons. It allows you to use all the fields that PayPal supports to make the buying experience on your site better for your customers. You can change the color of the order page to make it seem to be part of your site instead of PayPal. It also gives you the ability to put a logo on your PayPal order page in place of the email address that is there by default. In addition, you can set up different policies for your website: whether paypal should collect addresses allow a note to you if someone can purchase more than one item. With the professional edition, you can make four types of buttons: Buy Now, Cart, Subscription and Donation buttons. The PayPal Button Creator Professional XHTML program will make regular HTML buttons for you to paste into your website's XHTML. It is easy to use and gives you multiple ways to add the information. You can do it quickly on the overview tab or you can use the individual tabs which give more information on what PayPal is looking for. In addition. you can set up View Carts too for when you use the PayPal Cart system with just your email address and choosing which button to use.